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cover - Lilac FlinderLilac Flinder
Concrete poetry. Writers' Forum 1973

Cutlasses & Earrings
Editor and contributor to anthology of poetry by women. (Playbooks, 1977)

Poems and stories. (Journeyman Press, 1981)

Michelene Wandor can make even the sedate surroundings of the Poetry Society take on the fever of politics.
Guardian, 1982
There are wit and sharpness.
Gavin Ewart, British Book News, 1982

Touch Papers
Poetry collection, with Judith Kazantzis and Michele Roberts. (Allison & Busby, 1982)

Gardens of Eden - poems for Eve and Lilith.
(Journeyman Press, 1984)

Gardens of Eden
Collected poems. (Random Century, 1990.)

Gardens of Eden Revisited
New edition, with new poems (Five Leaves, 1999)

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Gardens of Eden Revisited

Her literary integrity succeeds in giving her message.
British Book News, 1984
A gossipy, irresistible send-up of the Old Testament.
Vogue, 1984
The language is energetic, meditative, Biblical, slangy, as required.
City Limits, 1984
A book to give and a book to keep.
Guardian, 1984
Loving, bitchy, beautiful, clever.
New Statesman, 1984
Poetry at its most alive and unpretentious.
Spare Rib, 1984
Michelene Wandor's deliciously sardonic poem sequence.
Anne Karpf, Guardian, 1991


Poetry in numerous anthologies, including One Foot on the Mountain, London Lines, Angels of Fire, In the Pink, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, Apples and Snakes, Ain't I a Woman, New British Poetry, A Picnic of Poetry, Poems on the Buses, 1998.

cover - Musica TransalpinaMusica Transalpina
Poetry Collection.
Arc Publications, 2005.
Poetry Book Society Recommendation, Spring, 2006.

Michelene Wandor's best book yet. She combines her erudition and passion as poet, musician and scholar in a collection that gives immense pleasure, and also continually challenges the reader with the force and variety of its ideas.
Alan Brownjohn.

Spare, imagistic, marvellously cadenced lines conjure up architecture, feeling and experience of sound, performance, chiselling, creation

Jewish Chronicle
…this is a wonderful book of poetry…offering the reader stories of lost and forgotten people in Italian, English and Jewish history. It rightly deserves to be a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.
Jewish Renaissance
…a celebration of the process of creation, which is exemplary.
Time Out

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Musica Transalpina

cover - Music of the ProphetsThe Music of the Prophets
A long narrative poem about the resettlement of the Jews in England, 1655-56. Supported by a grant from the European Association of Jewish Culture. Arc Publications, 2006.

Her writing’s rich with the colour, scents and streets of London and Amsterdam, where the Jews were allowed to worship.

Jackie Wills, Mslexia
…history and music all celebrated in singing words and images.
Jewish Chronicle
Michelene Wandor has produced an English poem of distinction that is, at the same time, an authentic work of diasporic literature.
Anthony Rudolf

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The Music of the Prophets


Tales I Tell My Mother
Anthology of stories with Sara Maitland, Zoe Fairbairns, Michele Roberts and Valerie Miner. (Journeyman Press, 1978.)

Guests in the Body

Own first short story collection. (Virago, 1986.)
Cover - Guests in the body
Michelene Wandor's achievement is that difficult one of movement within the compass of a short story…the sentiment is true and honest. Further, it is played off against a clear-eyed and pitiless Jewish humour. Without trickery, Michelene Wandor has something real to say and the spirit to say it brilliantly.
Books and Bookmen, 1986
Careful and highly polished.
The Times, 1986
Wandor is an accomplished writer, with a sharp ear for dialogue and rhythm.
The Listener, 1986
Wandor captures Yiddish rhythms and interlaces them with sardonic Jewish jokes.
Julia Pascal, Jewish Chronicle, 1986
Certain trends in the arts are generally acknowledged as being ahead of their time, and never was this more true than in the relationship of Jewish feminist literature to the movement out of which it sprang, and which it has now superceded. Michelene Wandor has once again produced a work that thumbs its nose at conformity.
Jewish Quarterly, 1986

More Tales I Tell My Mother
Same authors as above, ten years on. (Journeyman Press, 1987.)

Arky Types
         Arky Types, front and back covers

Epistolary novel, co-written with Sara Maitland. (Methuen, 1987.)

Short stories also included in Passion Fruit, ed. Jeanette Winterson (Pandora Press, 1986); Stepping Out, ed. Ann Oosthuizen (Pandora Press, 1986); Close Company, eds. Christine Park and Caroline Heaton (Virago, 1987); Storia, ed. Kate Figes (Pandora Press, 1988, 1989).

Many short stories also commissioned by BBC Radio.

False Relations - coverFalse Relations collection of short stories (Five Leaves, 2004)


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False Relations


The Idea’, in For Generations: Jewish Motherhood, eds Mandy Ross and Ronne Randall (Five Leaves, 2005)

Sink Songs
Five short duologues. (Playbooks, 1975.)

Strike While the Iron is Hot
Editor and contributor to anthology of plays about sexual politics, from Red Ladder, the Women's Theatre Group and Gay Sweatshop. Own play, Care and Control, about women and custody. (Journeyman Press, 1980.)

Play Nine
ed. Robin Rook. Collection of plays, including work by John Bowen, Howard Brenton, David Cregan, Frank Marcus. Own plays Mal de Mere and Spilt Milk. (Edward Arnold, 1981.)

Five Plays:
   To Die Among Friends
   Whores D'Oeuvres
   The Old Wives' Tale
   AID Thy Neighbour.

(Journeyman Press, 1984.)

Plays by Women, Vols 1-4 (editor).
Vol 1 (Methuen, 1982): Plays by Caryl Churchill, Pam Gems, Louise Page, and own play, Aurora Leigh, after Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Vol 2 (l983): Plays by Maureen Duffy, Olwen Wymark, Rose Leiman Goldemberg, Claire Luckham.
Vol 3 (l984): Plays by Debbie Horsfield, Pam Gems, Sharon Pollock, Women's Theatre Group and Lou Wakefield.
Vol 4 (l985): Plays by Caryl Churchill, Grace Dayley, Liz Lochhead, Alison Lyssa

The Wandering Jew
Dramatisation of Eugene Sue's epic nineteenth-century novel. (Methuen, 1987.)

Surreal play about surrogacy. (Playbooks, 1988.)


The Body Politic
First anthology of British Women's Liberation writings. Editor and contributor. (Stage One, 1972.)

The Great Divide
Contributor to Open University coursebook on the sexual division of labour in the home and in art. (OU, 1976.)

Precious Bane
By Mary Webb. Introduction to new edition. (Virago, 1978.)

Why Children?
ed. Stephanie Dowrick. Contributor to anthology on motherhood. (The Women's Press, 1990.)

Dreams and Deconstructions
ed Sandy Craig. Essay on feminism and theatre. (Amber Lane Press, 1980.)

British Alternative Theatre Directory.
Foreword. (John Offord, 1982.)

On Gender and Writing
Essays by male and female contributors. Editor and contributor. (Pandora Press, 1983.)

A volume remarkable for its intelligence and verve.
London Review of Books, 1984

Walking on the Water
eds Sara Maitland and Jo Garcia. Essay on spirituality. (Virago, 1983.)

Women's Writing
A Challenge to Theory, ed Moira Monteith. Essay on roots and language. (Harvester Press, 1986.)


Updated as: Carry On, Understudies

Theatre and sexual politics in Britain, from 1968. First edition, Methuen, 1981. Revised, expanded and updated. (Routledge, 1986.)

Cover - Understudies
It certainly packs a punch…both readable and informative.
Sarah Dunant, Spare Rib, 1981
This admirably researched book…
The Stage, 1981
A deft interweaving of social context and theatre practice…
Colin Chambers, Morning Star, 1981
The whole aspect of sexuality in the theatre has, at last, been given an airing by Michelene Wandor in a direct and provocative investigation into sexual politics in the British theatre, particularly during the 1970s. She examines feminism and homosexuality, placing their treatment in a social, historical and political context. She writes as much for those who are unfamiliar with or hostile to sexual politics, as for those already aware….Michelene Wandor has made a radical analysis without appearing aesthetically raw or politically simple.
Plays and Players, 1981
Sexual politics and theatre - a dynamic duo…instructive, pioneering, courageously controversial.
Plays and Players, 1987
Of interest to anyone who goes to the theatre.
Nigella Lawson, The Sunday Times, 1986
Wandor's research is a marathon achievement.
The Stage, 1986
Here is a book that grapples, with energy, ingenuity and terrific intellectual rigour, with a bewildering forest of issues around theatre, gender and politics. I found it illuminating, insightful, perceptive.
Women's Review, 1986

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Carry on, Understudies

Look Back in Gender
The family and sexuality in post-war British drama. (Methuen, 1987.)

Clearly written…this book should be on the reading list of all drama courses
Plays & Players, 1987
A splendid attempt at questioning some of the things we most easily take for granted in contemporary theatre.
Speech and Drama, 1987

Once a Feminist
Book on the founding of the Women's Liberation Movement. Interviews. (Virago, 1990.)

Very Heaven
ed. Sara Maitland. Essay-poem on the sixties. (Virago, 1988.)

Drama Today
Post-war British Drama 1970-l990. (British Council, 1993.)

PostWar British Drama: Looking Back in Gender
(Routledge, 2001) Revised, updated and expanded version of 'Look Back in Gender'.

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PostWar British Drama: Looking Back in Gender

Cover - Looking Back in Gender


cover - The autor is not dead, merely somewhere else.

The Author is not Dead, Merely Somewhere Else: Creative Writing after Theory.
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)

…the book will be the definitive text about the history of Creative Writing teaching and its development in the UK for some time to come.
English Subject Centre Newsletter
…a thorough and detailed history of the multiple ways in which creative writing developed as a university discipline…
College English

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The Author is not Dead, Merely Somewhere Else

The Art of Writing Drama
(Methuen 2008)
cover  - The Art of Writing Drama


Scholarly Articles
Feminism and Theatre now: Continuities and Discontinuities
in Trends and Traditions in Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English
Ed Margarete Rubik and Elke Mettinger-Schartmann
(Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2002).

Salamone Rossi: Jewish Composer from Mantua
Article on composer. Jewish Renaissance, 2002.

A Creative Writing Manifesto in Creative Writing: A Good Practice Guide
by Siobhan Holland, Report Series no 6, English Subject Centre
February, 2003.

Salamone Rossi, Judaism and the Musical Canon
Article on early 17th century Jewish composer.
European Judaism
Spring, 2003.

At the Edges of the Centre: or Close Encounters of a Jewish Kind: or the “D” Word in Jewish Women’s Writing of the 1990s and Beyond, in Great Britain and the United States
Eds. Ulrike Behlau and Berhard Reitz
(Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004).

Drama Queen: Preparing to Write the Text Dramatic, in Teaching Creative Writing,
ed. Graeme Harper.
(Continuum, 2006.)

The Creative Writing Workshop, in Creative Writing Pedagogy: Uk and USA Perspectives,
ed. Heather Beck.
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.)

'Will the Hebrew turn Christian?': Jewishness, Identity and Cultural Appropriation in Figures of Heresy, eds. Andrew Dix and Jonathan Taylor (Sussex Academic Press, 2006).

Reader, Who Wrote You? An Autocritical Exercise upon 'Jane Eyre' in A Breath of Fresh Eyre, eds. Margarete Rubik and Elke Mettinger-Schartmann (Rodopi, 2007).

Calling Time in Story: the Heart of the Matter ed. Maggie Butt (Greenwich Exchange, 2007).

Drama in Daphne du Maurier: Spirit and Letter in The Daphne du Maurier Companion ed Helen Taylor
(Virago, 2007).


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